(Only one msLDR-assay (one locus) will be designed per run)

Please enter sequence:

Note: Please paste only one raw sequence or FASTA-sequence per run
Letters different to "ATCG" will be referred as "N" in the output.

Sequence property:

use input and reverse complement sequence
use only input sequence (suitable also for bisulfite converted sequences)

Preamplification primer design


Detector Oligo-design:

  deltaG value for DO-creation (-22 kcal/mol (at 60C) is recommended)

If multiplex msLDR is aspired, deltaG of all DOs of all assays should have the same value to enhance simultaneous annealing during ligation.

TaqMan Reverse Primer:

universal: for singleplex purposes
locus-specific: multiplexible readout

show universal Primers in output